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Asus Zenbook 17 Fold Oled | World’s First Foldable Laptop

Asus Zenbook 17 Fold Oled, Have a look at the world’s first folding laptop

You must hear and seen or might use foldable phone but now foldable laptop comes Asus Zenbook 17 Fold Oled. This is the world’s First Folding laptop. When you unfold it, the screen size will become 17 inches.

You Can use this laptop in 3 different ways

  1.  Like a normal laptop.
  2. You can detach the keyboard and you will able to use in L shape screen.
  3. You can unfold the screen totally until it’s flat and use it like a desktop. Also, it has a stand behind it. You can raise the stand and the screen will become 17.3 inches in total. You can have an experience like a desktop.

Its totally depends on you how you will use it.


The detachable keyboard is totally wireless keyboard works with bluetooth


box contains :

  1. A folder look like a book. I would like to call it a cover because whenever I purchase a smartphone than some phone comes with back cover and some not but the point is it protects our device whatever our device is.

  2. The main unit laptop it comes in different and impressive looks while unboxing. I never saw unique packing like this. Also, the laptop looks unique like a book when unboxed.

  3. A bluetooth keyboard wirelessly connects with the laptop, The keyboard is very slim and lightweight too.

  4. Power cord that will be combined and used to charge the laptop.
  5. Compact 65W power adapter that will combine with power cord and used to charge the laptop.
  6. Type C to Usb cable.
  7. User manual and documentation.


Physical overview

When the laptop is folded, it look likes a book and there is prism type effect on the to, in bottom there is matt finish but it comprises leather. Also, the ASUS logo is mentioned in the top section.

The leather pard of laptop seems it moves little.

In the front there are some vents, a Type C port and also mentioned there the Asus Zenbook 17 Fold Oled supports Dolby Vison and Dolby ATMOS.

On the back side there is mentioned Sound by Harman Kardon and volume rockers are there.

The front right side there is 2 power buttons 1 for main laptop and another for keyboard and a port for charging.

On the left side of back side there is battery indicator, combo audio jack and a Type C port.

whenever you fold and unfold the laptop the part of leather moves mechanically

There is a camera on the top centre you can use it for video calling or whatever you want to take use of it.



we already talk about it. You can use it like a normal. laptop the screen is actually curved, you can the keyboard detach it and place, The keyboard comes with magnetic grip and its very lightweight. The laptop is a touch screen. You of course you can experience touch screen, another way is you can totally unfold the laptop and raise the stand from backside and you can have an experience like a desktop.

Whenever you fold and unfold and switch to different modes, the laptop detects automatically and properly organize the layout and it also shows the options to manually organize the layout.

It’s a wireless laptop, so you can go a little farther from the laptop and use it. Remember that the main processing unit is in the laptop so remember that all the processing stuff is happening in the main unit.

The keyboard has built in battery, so you have to charge it with Type C port.

There is no option for a pen but its touchscreen laptop so of course you can use the touchscreen.


The laptop comes with Intel core i7 with iris xe graphics. This laptop is not made for gaming, but it’s more powerful. The pcmark 10 score was 4940 and the video editing score is nearby 4710.

In case you are a content creator, this laptop will be fine for you, but this laptop is made for business, presentations, and stock market trading purpose.

The bezels are not much slim because it has a folding option, so you have to make compromises with Bezels less experience.

The hinge mechanics used in this laptop is made up of rugged material and the mechanics of folding and unfolding tested thirty thousand times, specially remembering that the laptop life will be great.

The laptop supports Wi-Fi 6e, comes with 2 usb C thunder bolt port, it has a quad speakers great pantone validated touch screen Oled display and if you will use it for entertainment, it will be very well.




Windows 11 Home

17.3 inch (43.9cm) Foldable FOLED Glossy 500nits HDR peak brightness PANTONE Validated Glossy display

12th Generation Core i7 Evo Processor

16GB LPDDR5 on board

1TB M.2 NVMe™ PCIe® 4.0 Performance SSD

Intel Iris Xe Graphics

Built-in speaker Smart Amp Technology With Cortana and Alexa voice-recognition support

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