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How to Get Verified on YouTube Guide for 2022

Here is guide to get verified on YouTube in 2022

First of all, I want you to know that if you wish to get verified on you, you need a verified personal account on social media or your official website.

Here are the Steps to get verified :

  1. Get access to your verified social media account.
  2. You need to contact YouTube support by email and tell them you are a content creator transitioning onto youtube, and you would want to get verified so people know you’re an authentic influencer.
  3. You Need to ensure that your social media account or official website is linked to your YouTube Channel Before Proceed.
  4. You’re Done Enjoy


What Youtube will ask to say :


Thanks for your patience while we looked into your 

request. Based on the information available to our 

team, we need some additional information to verify 

your channel. 

When you have a moment, please send us a reply to 

the questions below. 

1. Do you have an official website, blog, or online 

profile or social media profile (e.g. Facebook, 

Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, VK, etc.) that has a 

link to your YouTube channel? If so, please 

provide links to these resources, and please 

ensure that they are public. 

2. Are there any news articles or other 

trustworthy online sources that mention your 

YouTube channel? If so, please provide links 

to these resources. 

3. Have you participated in Creator on the Rise, 

Artist on the Rise or visited YouTube Spaces? 

If so, please provide details (where, when, 


After we’ve received your response, we’ll check the

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